Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 30: William Bond Nunn Has Wild Vegas Fun

It’s our first episode without Mike in the studio, and we would be lonely except that he keeps teasing us with his idyllic weather and palm trees. Tom and Whitney have audiodramatist and voice actor William Bond Nunn on the hot seat, and our guest does deliver! Talk runs around the role of fanfiction as a creative outlet, the process Will goes through as he puts his work together, and pop culture. Just, like, so much pop culture. Story Time brings Rick and Morty of tv show fame to Las Vegas, where we do all kinds of strange things to the Luxor.

William Bond Nunn can be found on Facebook @william.b.nunn, Twitter @WillBNunn, and Youtube @WillBNunn. Check out his audiodrama “Rick and Morty C-138: Call of Rickthulhu” and be sure to pick up “The Nerd Voice Podcast“!