Man in the Arena April 18, 2018

This week we check in on the NBA and NHL Playoffs.  We swing through Europe to talk the UEFA Champions League.  We talk about all things Vol in the Vol Report.  We talk Andre Ingram’s impressive moment, CM Punk and the UFC, The Boston Marathon, NASCAR, MLB, and the SPHL Playoffs.  In the Wrestling corner we talk about why Wrestlemania 33 is totally irrelevant, the Superstar Shakeup and John Cena and Nikki Bella calling it quits.  All that and more on this week’s Man in the Arena.

Authors in Abstract Vol. 1 Ep. 13

Michael, Tom and Whitney turn the tables on themselves to talk about their creative processes.  In doing so they also get lead down a very weird character adventure that involves multiple universes and the TV game show “Treasure Hunt”. Oh and did I mention the Clown Hotel also gets some play in this.  So strap in for this introspective and David Lynch filled episode of AIA.

Man in the Arena April 11, 2018

It’s time to talk about everything that happened in Augusta for the Masters.  The NHL and SPHL playoffs go into full swing. Go Ice Bears!  Conor McGregor lost his temper and UMBC is ready to take on everyone.  Wrestlemania weekend happened and we also look back at who won the predictions for Mania weekend.