Man in the Arena May 9, 2018

NBA and NHL Playoff are still going on.  The Vols did stuff.  A bunch of stuff happened in Shibbles and Bits, and WWE Backlash.  Boston McCown jumps in as the substitute producer while Aaron is off doing work on boats or something crazy.  However, it is still the same awesome Man in the Arena you would expect and nothing less.

Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 17

This week we get a visit with Ace from Ask Cosplay Senpai.  (InstagramFacebook) We talk about everything it takes to become a great Cosplayer, and in the Character Adventure, Ask Cosplay Senpai answers questions from your garden variety cosplayers.  Also by garden variety we mean cosplayers who are made of fire and things like that.

Man in the Arena May 2, 2018

This week it is still all about the Playoffs as the NBA and NHL are in full swing of their playoffs.  The Commission on College Basketball said things.  The NFL Draft happened, but did you hear about the guy who surfed an 80 foot wave.  The Kentucky Derby is upon us, and NASCAR at Talladega.  Also the Greatest Royal Rumble happened in Saudi Arabia and WWE Backlash is up next.