Man in the Arena April 11, 2018

It’s time to talk about everything that happened in Augusta for the Masters.  The NHL and SPHL playoffs go into full swing. Go Ice Bears!  Conor McGregor lost his temper and UMBC is ready to take on everyone.  Wrestlemania weekend happened and we also look back at who won the predictions for Mania weekend.

Authors in Abstract Vol.1 Ep 12

Boston McCown becomes the first repeat guest on our show, but this time he brings Beth Tomkins and Gail Grantham Moore with him.  It’s a talk about comedy, and East Town Mall (not Knoxville Center no matter how much they tell us it is that now).  Then they wind up facing off against zombie mannequins in a Canadian mall.

The Sit Down April 7, 2018

The Sit Down presented by Southern Fried Radio

Seaton Spin: The left eats it’s own
The Condom Challenge
Connor McGregor fights the entire UFC
That’s not your daddy
Rocket Raccoon is now the Walking Dead
Deep Dive: The Unfabulous Moolah Battle Royale
US Border War?
YouTube Shooting
Sinclair Broadcasting Acting Badly
Final Thought

Man in the Arena March 28, 2018

This week the NCAA tournament winds down on both the Men’s and Women’s side of the basketball equation. Major League Baseball is about to get back going with Opening Day around the corner.  John Currie and his $2.5 million golden parachute.  Vol Baseball and Softball is also in full swing.  New rules coming to minor league baseball for this season.  Another pro football league takes shape with the AAFL.  Katie Ledecky decides to go pro as a swimmer.  Daniel Bryan returns to the WWE Ring.  New Japan Cup took place and The Mixed Match Challenge is about to set it’s final match.