Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 36: Olivia Flaggert and the City of El Paso VS Kaiju Elvis

Indie author Olivia Flaggert joins us today for discussion and storytelling! Right before her recent cross-country move, Olivia published ‘Fractured’, a romance thriller. We talk about her process, the possibilities of expanded distribution for independent authors, the use of pen names in writing, and take a sideways detour to the Body Farm. Story Time gets deep in the heart of Texas with reluctant heroine Emma witnessing the possible muscial apocalypse of the Greater El Paso Metropolitan District. Will she find a way to save the day, where did those wings come from, and who is that mysterious fat man in the bunny mask? You’ll just have to listen in.

Olivia Flaggert has a website at and an instagram @oliviaflaggertauthor. Her books including ‘Fractured’ and ‘False Pretenses’ can be purchased on