Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 32: Richard C. White and the Raptor Diamond Heist

Trade publishing veteran and science fiction/fantasy author Richard C. White is our guest on the show today, and we pick his brain on the industry! With 20 years as a media tie-in novelist under his belt, Richard has important insights to share on both the indie and trade publishing circuits. Story time takes Raphael the Rakish Rogue on a ski chalet romp with raptors, ghosts, and a tea party. Tune in for great advice and storytelling fun!

Richard C. White is a member of Science Fiction Writers of Amercia’s Writer Beware community. Keep yourself safe when shopping around for your book’s next step! If you need a publisher, agent, or other press professional vetted and reviewed by experienced authors, email

Keep up with Richard on his website (, check his Facebook page @AuthorRichardCWhite, and follow his Twitter @nightwolfwriter.