Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 33: Joseph Cadotte and the Alligator Life Insurance Fraud

Remember how AiA’s three hosts recently submitted stories to an anthology by Old Sins? We’ve got publisher and author Joseph Cadotte on the airwaves, and he’s gonna tell us whose story gets published!

No, not really, but we do talk about the anthology we’re submitting to (Beyond Steampunk: Fake News), alternate history, syncretism, and the appearance of mythological characters across world religions. Joseph gets to run through a litigious Story Time where his mischievous priestess Salome goes up against Big Lizard Insurance in a court battle! Will justice prevail, and just what is a Babylonian lottery, anyway?

Joseph Cadotte is the founder of the Old Sins Publishing cooperative, on Facebook @oldsins. Check out his hard science fiction space opera ‘Job, Herself’, as well as his graphic novel collaboration with prior AiA guest Elizabeth Kidder, ‘Jannah Station: A Soft Murder’.