Authors in Abstract Vol 1 Ep 37: Zach Springer’s Yellow Pants Versus Everyone

Physical fitness instructor Zach Springer joins us to talk about his job keeping HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) fighters in shape. We chat about Sony’s equipment grant for female photographers, the fall of Barnes & Noble, Banksy’s latest stunt, and the massive legacy of George Romero. Zach answers some of our burning fitness questions, and reveals how he handles the suckitude of cardio training. Story time takes yellow-panted Gronk the Stronk to the World Fighting Championships, where he makes new friends and with their Aid battles his Koolest foe yet… Ohhh noooooo!

Zach Springer likes talking with people about health and physical fitness. You can get in touch with him on the HEMAPE Facebook Group or read his blog at