Quick Reference Guide

The quick reference guide

This reference guide will grow over time as we learn new things that we need a guide on.  So here are the basics.


Podcast logo size:

Podcast feeds contain artwork that is a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels, 72 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format with appropriate file extensions (.jpg, .png), and in the RGB colorspace. To optimize images for mobile devices, Apple recommends compressing your image files.

Logo content:

Podcast artwork and all podcast content must be original and can’t contain any of the following:

  • Password protection.
  • Irrelevant content or spam.
  • Explicit language without setting the <explicit> tag to yes, explicit, or true.
  • Content that could be construed as racist, misogynist, or homophobic.
  • Explicit or self-censored explicit language in titles, subtitles, or descriptions.
  • References to illegal drugs, profanity, or violence in the title, description, artwork, or episodes.
  • Content depicting graphic sex, violence, gore, illegal drugs, or hate themes.
  • Third-party content or trademarks without legal authorization or usage rights.
  • The words Apple Music, iTunes Store, iTunes, Apple Podcasts, or Apple Inc.
  • iTunes Store logo, Apple Podcasts logo, Apple logo, or the term Exclusive without prior authorization from Apple.
  • Any visual representation of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or any other Apple hardware.
  • Pixelation, artifacts, high-contrast background art, blurry or hard crops (unless stylistic), or other style issues.


Facebook Artwork Sizes:

Cover photo:

820 pixels wide by 462 pixels tall

Also remember that the cover photo will go down to 397 px for desktop and go to 462px for mobile.

Profile photo:

You should “skip cropping” after upload and stick in one the following widths if you want to avoid compression:
720 px or 960 px and less than 100 KB.
You should also notice that in facebook streams only the contect within the cycle is visible, since facebook is using a cycle cropped variant of your image.


Profile picture: 400px by 400px. It’s displayed as a square image with rounded corners (the corners are applied automatically) and a thin white border. If you upload an image that isn’t a square, you’re given the option to reposition or zoom in when you upload.

When the browser window resizes, the profile picture size stays constant.

Profile Header: 1500px by 500px. Panoramas work well. While 1500px x 500px is the recommended size, if you don’t want Twitter to resize the image, you can get away with 1263px x 421px. But even when it’s not being resized, it’ll still get crunched with heavy JPG compression.



180px X 180 px for a profile pic


Website stuff:

If we are doing your website we only need a few things to get started.

Pick out a couple of fonts at fonts.google.com.  You need one for each of these: navigation, headlines, and body text.  You also need to think of a general color scheme.  Staying with the color scheme of your artwork would be the best.

If you are going on your own we just need your RSS feeds so that we can place your show on the Southern Fried Radio website and so that we can do submission to different syndicators.  We need to know which ones you are submitting to from your host and we can take the rest.

Artwork for Southern Fried Swag:

Must be submitted at 300 dpi in PNG format

Clothing: 10 in X 10 in

Hats: 5 in X 2 in

Posters: 35 in X 23 in

Bumper Sticker: 10.5 in X 3.5 in